Urge to Write

I have been pondering over a thought for quite some time now. I wish to write a book. Just a simple travel memoir. But it seems that starting to write is an issue. I open my word document and stare at it. I end up telling myself I need to read some travel books to learn how to write them. I go over the internet click some links here and there and I am back to where I was. The stare. There are so many good points on how to write, which I have noted mentally. Should there be a “how to write” when all i want is to jot them down and make it in a presentable manner. ┬áThere is no need for me to emphasize on marketing. It will be a big day when I just write it! So all you guys out there, I have a request. Instead of me being drowned by millions and zillions of links on how to write, could you help me out by pointing out some major dos and don’ts? That ‘s all! Guess it could help few other people who wish to write but are stuck right at the first word.! Cheers guys!