From an Indian to Everybody

Today I saw a movie called “Hundred Foot Long Journey”. It is one of the few Indo English movies I have seen recently. Talking about the story of the movie I think it was a good one. I felt the movie got stretched at the end but it was ok.  

  What made me write this post today isnt about reviewing the movie. Its something to do with how my country has been depicted.Since the movie  “Slumdog Millionaire”, which was a very nicely crafted movie, I feel the poverty in India has been used too much to depict the country. I mean whats with showing all the slums and crowded streets and everything that doesnt make us very proud? Every place has something which is good and bad. There are movies where introducing India has opening shots like showing only the slum areas, living in dilapidated  places, stray animals everywhere, poor children and i could just go on. Well agreed that we are a nation which needs a lot of developing to do, but why cant you show the places which are beautiful! We do have very clean places and 5 star hotels! 

The movie Hundred Foot Long Journey also showcased from the very first shot the immensely crowded streets of a place and people shouting. A dialogue which says that the chef who has risen from the “gutter” or drain made me feel very very angry. I feel that the way my country is being projected is someway not right. And I dont want the audience to feel connected to it because of the wrong reasons. We have age old culture and modernization all together here. Instead of portraying the side which is not so good I really hope that all the good qualities are shown instead.  As I said there is a good side and a bad side to every place we live in. So I hope people see the beauty of my country instead and learn about all the wonderful culture we are so proud of.