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I am just one among you. My childhood and my adult life have been full of memories and experiences that each of us have.  I wonder how I will separate myself from the millions of people who are just like me.

After saying that i think…..ofcourse!!! We can separate each other!!! Imagine the millions of people having millions of different lifestyles and experiences! Each of them is unique in their own way.

I am from India and i grew up in a small city with lots of dreams in my eyes. I cant say I have been through many difficult times but yes I have had my share too! And each day is different. I love photography, dancing, painting and writing. This blog is where I can share my experiences and other “pop ups” which enter the mind in no orderly fashion! I hope I am able to share moments which might have happened in your life too!!

So lets start these amazing stories where all letters connect to us at different levels!!


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