Everybody has a dream, a wish….to do something… It maybe something crazy like a jump from somewhere high..or just a dream job…however difficult and far fetched they may be… dreams are the reason we can feel passionate. And many times we dont realize what exactly that thing we wish for is. we may not be clear on what we want and we start searching for answers. We talk to other people, we google, we even talk with ourselves just to see what exactly that dream is.

Someday I went to the store and bought home a poster. I made my husband sit with me(coz he is always too busy with his job!!) and then we started thinking what actually do we dream of doing.. What will make us happy? ┬áCombined we came up with 10 such wishful desires, which I wrote in colorful pens ( they were very colorful dreams!!!!) We suddenly saw that each dream had a tag behind it. Money. In order to do something to get to the dream money had to be spent.. That too enormous amounts. ­čśŽ I will give you an example. One of the item on our list was world tour. Well….how can you travel if you have no money! ┬áBut you know its a dream. At least we came to know that it existed! ┬áIt was exciting to go through the dreams we had written….. Although it gave me a sense that everything on that list seemed difficult.

But then… such is a dream. If you dont dream you wont start off even knowing what you want. So I just keep on dreaming and try to clear my clouds and look into what I can do better to get closer to my dream. People start searching for your dreams…. it will definitely give you a boost from this tiresome worldly world!


There it goes behind the clouds…I just missed it before I could see it…

The colors so vibrant, the magnetism drawing me closer…

just to find out what it is, I run everytime to sneak a peek

But alas I miss it almost everytime…….almost…

The uncontrollable desires which are searching a direction, I wish I could just see a section..

But it takes them too and flies away..and I keep looking for it tomorrow and today…

I know someday I will catch it and then I will be happier than ever,

For a dream is the start to the endless roads..which will be worth when we break all the codes..